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Kitchen Membership Packages

All Packages require $99 sign on fee

Basic Package

$225 per month

( includes up to 9 hours booked time)

Additional hours are $25 per hour

Premium Package

$525 per month

( includes up to 30 hours booked kitchen time)

Additional hours are $16 per hour

Basic Package Plus

$300 per month

(includes up to 12 hours booked time)

Additional hours are $21 per hour

Premium Plus

$925 per month (includes 50 hours book time)

1 fridge Shelf

1 freezer Shelf

Additional hours are $12 per hour

Mobile Unit Package

This package is perfect for hot dog carts, food trucks and food trailers.


$225 per month-

Winter months 

NO CHARGE during




If you don't need to use the kitchen during winter.


Includes 24/7 access to the kitchen for water fill ups, water dumps, trash dumpster, oil dumpster and Community sink

Yearly Membership Package

$324 yearly


(Includes up to 7 hours booked kitchen time for the calendar year)


($324 yearly, renews

every January 1st)

Additional hours are $35 per hour)

Kitchen Rental Application
Wha are you interested in?

Renter Agrees to the Following Terms

Key Use – One key will be issued per company and must only be used by the key holder (the person who the key is assigned to).  The key must not be duplicated and must be returned at the time the contract ends.  If the key is not returned a $99 charge will be assessed to re-key the building. 

Security Deposit -  $99


Payment Options  - rent will be paid monthly prior to use of the kitchen.

Hold Harmless Agreement


The Kitchen Corner is not responsible for damage or less to persons or property of the renter or any of their associates.  You and any affiliated people agree to hold the Kitchen Corner harmless for all liabilities, damages, law suit and attorney fees result from the use of the Kitchen Corner’s Commissary facilities.

This agreement may be terminated by the renter or the commissary at any time.  The renter will be responsible for any outstanding fees, as early termination does not equal a refund of money owed.  The Kitchen Corner may terminate an agreement for reasons including health code violations, failure to comply with the terms in agreements, damage or theft.

Completing this form does not guarantee space rental.  You will be contacted by one of our team members within 1-2 business days.  You will be required to provide proof of insurance and ServSafe Certification.  Payment must be made in advance.  

Thanks for submitting! We'll Be in Touch Soon!

Important Information

The Marion County Board of Health requires a "shared user kitchen application" be filled out and kept on file.  We do require proof of insurance and ServSafe Certification to use our space.

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