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Exceeding Your Expectations


Just a few years ago, food delivery options were typically limited to pizza or Chinese takeout. Today, with the surfacing of fast and easy food delivery apps at customers’ fingertips, the food delivery industry is booming. Restaurants of all types across the country are now making it easier than ever for customers to order food to-go and receive it at their doorstep — without ever leaving the couch.
As a result, delivery-only kitchens — otherwise known as ghost kitchens — are a new model that could change the restaurant business as we know it. Kitchen Corner offers kitchen rental spaces geared toward businesses that want to make the most of the growing delivery trend and expand their business without a brick-and-mortar location.
Let’s dive into how delivery only kitchens work — and how Kitchen Corner could be your solution.



The kitchen is the crown jewel of a catering business. It’s the place where prep happens — where you transform mere ingredients into magnificent meals. It’s also a huge expense!
Whether you’re a long-time local caterer or a national business looking to expand into a new area, Kitchen Corner provides state-of-the-art equipment and expansive storage space at a fraction of the cost of traditional kitchens. If you need a turnkey kitchen to handle your growing business, our cloud kitchens offer a great solution.



We all live busy lives. Food preparation and grocery shopping are challenges for many households. Throw in a specialized diet or eating plan, and it becomes even more difficult. That’s one reason why food prep businesses have taken off over the past few years.

Food prep businesses purchase ingredients, pre-measure them and send them to customers with instructions. Customers just need to open the box to find everything they need to create a meal, including the necessary ingredients and recipes. Some food prep companies even prepare entire meals so clients can enjoy a nutritious, personally prepared meal.

These businesses need a space to prepare deliveries, and turnkey prep kitchens then Kitchen Corner is an ideal solution. Kitchen Corner offers flexible terms for prep kitchen rentals near Beech Grove & Indianapolis giving your business easy access to one of the hottest markets in Indiana.

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